MISC – Me working and thinking too hard about non-work


…always a good thing to get paid doing something you enjoy!

Of course waiting for my client to arrive downstairs to open the door is not the best part of the day for me.

more interesting for me was when I decided to take this picture so I would have something to post tonight, I had the strangest thought, and that is how we take for granted what is REAL . I mean sure this is an actual photo I took, it’s not a drawing or something a computer generated, and so it certainly reflects something real, doesn’t it?

and yet we live in an age of Photoshop, an age of image and video manipulation that 20 years ago, much of what we do now would make heads explode.

of course I don’t mean to suggest that my photo or a window or me in it isn’t real, but I find it interesting how we mix together terms and what they represent as if they are perfect equals.

We say ‘this is Brett’ or ‘this is a window’ pointing at the picture itself which for you now viewing this at your computer, or if the photo didn’t suck so much, if it were printed out on your printer, etc…couldn’t be farther away from the subjects it contains.  Even if we add the word ‘of’, as in ‘of Brett’, aren’t we taking too many liberties assuming that a representation, even one that satisfies our sense of vision strongly is in anyway equal to the real thing?

I don’t know, it’s nothing major, I’m probably over thinking it, but that’s part of the fun and I just thought it was interesting.


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