VACATIONS – Moved my mom to OHIO, some pics of the experience.

I’m back in LA, flown back in the other night.  Was sad to leave.  I didn’t get to stay in OH very long; time was pretty tight, as there was some delay in the initial process of loading 2 U-Haul trucks and the process getting there took longer than we hoped it would but more than anything I was happy that me and my Step dad Andy were able to fill about 3 U-Haul trucks worth of stuff into 2 trucks, so I can’t complain too much. Most of all I’m happy my mom is able to move and be close to more of our family; to spend time with her daughter and many Grand children in OH.

Here are pictures of what the house looked like only after loading about half a truck worth of stuff, and all the pictures I have of the actual trip (we left right into a dark rain storm, lol… followed the next day by a snow storm (although a pretty mild one), and some annoying construction was present later on (not pictured), my youngest Nephew Foster and two final pictures of the smaller of the two uhauls opened at the destination to unload…stuffed full.


It was nice to visit my Sister and brother in law Chris, and all of my nieces and nephews.  It’s been a long time.  Approx 7 years since I’ve seen Kayla (she was 10 when I saw her last, gave her money to buy something girlie at a mall in those days, and here I show up and she’s nearly 18 now, writing a college paper on her laptop, wow, the time just flies by the older you get doesn’t it?) and I didn’t even get to see my two oldest nieces, Jessica and Autumn, as they are away from home, living their own lives and time was too restrictive for any sort of comprehensive traveling around on this trip.

It’s just been way too damn long.


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