MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. BAD NEWS by OWEN

Song:  Bad News

Artist: Owen from the album ‘At Home with Owen’

This is the most gorgeous rebuke of a another person (obviously an ex girlfriend of his) that I’ve ever heard, and one that stings with a level of sincerity unheard of; the sort of message two people would rarely speak to one another; certainly in context of a romantic relationship that has any chance of enduring.  I can’t imagine this is such a relationship…

It’s tempting to conclude that this song is just an attack, one veiled as a beautiful melody, so softly sung, and then leave it at that, but I think it’s actually much more, I interpret it as the singers painful realization, finally…after much hand wringing, head scratching, heart aching, bitter tears, etc.. after all the rationalization a distraught human mind is capable of; at the very end, perhaps he frees his heart and mind to love someone else and so can perceive without difficulty that he had created a fantasy person during his previous relationship, and now when the dust has settled so to speak, he can see clearly now that this person he had treated as divine, was in fact a (at worse) petty and shallow person, or (at best) just another average person, full of the same sorts of regrets, pains, flaws and mistakes as the rest of us, and it’s this perspective I take with this song for my own life, always romanticizing my relationships to a level that is unsustainable, and the result is naturally severe pain and disappointment.

I’m just going to try to keep my life and the moments I experience as clear, honest and real as possible with all the people that matter in my life. I’ll accept at least the same measure of flaws and mistakes from others as I’m expected to commit myself,  and I’ll be the first to admit any of my own flaws I’m conscious of up front. At least, I’m gonna try this.  What do I have to lose? Nothing, besides a lot of time and effort wasted on the hearts and minds of selfish, empty people, if I don’t.  I would hope anyone I spend time with, from this moment forward, friend or more, feels the same.


Whatever it is you think you are you aren’t:
A good friend, unique, well read, good looking, or smart.
Well, now you know.

Well I hate to be the one to bare such bad news,
I know it hurts to hear but it’s true;
You don’t mean anything to anyone but me.
And even I think that you’re blinded by conceit
So now you know,
The free beer and basement shows don’t mean you’ve made it.
It’s what you do, not who you were,
What you wear, where you’ve been.

So do something.

Whoever you think is watching you dance from across the room they aren’t.
If anything they feel sorry for you because you try so hard.
I know it hurts to hear but it’s the truth.
So you might as well hear it from a friend.
You’re a has-been that never was.

And I know it’s mean to say
But it’s something I’ve been meaning to say for awhile.
You’re a has-been that never was or will be.


3 responses to “MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. BAD NEWS by OWEN

  1. I love this song, such a great description of it’s meaning too. It’s like saying you’re the only to actually give a shit about someone, truly, but they do not care because they are so shallow and superficial. Also, I find these stabbing, yet wonderfully sung, lyrics amazing! “You’re a has-been that never was” –perfect!

  2. Ya Owen really nails it, he’s the singer from the amazingly awesome (and sadly short lived) emo band American Football (by emo I mean the original emo artists, Ex: Braid, Sunny Day Real-estate, Brandtson, Mineral (read my full album review on my blog…THEY ARE AMAZING) not the corporate driven pop-punk crap labeled that now-a-days) and yes, I know it’s a stupid band name, but the one album they made is FANTASTIC so I forgive them for that….

    I’ll be reviewing a tune from it next in fact.

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