MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. Never Meant by American Football

Artist:  American Football

Song: Never Meant from their self titled (and only) release

This is the first song on the CD and it’s the same singer from the band OWEN; they made this one album and that was it…and it amazed me the first time I heard it and still does to this day. It’s a song layered with two acoustic guitars and awash in them, that for the life of me sounds more like three guitars (due to the amazing picking action/melody going on), and I have yet to find another band that does this type of layering of melody quite so elegantly.

It’s clearly about denying a past relationship, trying to forget it, no doubt to cope with the pain of losing that person, of having the experience of “falling out of love”*. For me, I interpret it to be more fundamentally about denying something that should be by all rights impossible to deny** (love), yet this is often what we must do when we love someone so much and are forced to let them go.  They say time heals all wounds, but it’s really just our mind rationalizing stuff away over time; our memories, chipped away, the details becoming rougher and rougher, until it loses it’s original sharp form in a person’s heart, and eventually those memories can’t stab as fiercely with its edges being so rounded…the pain hurts less and we are somehow able to move on.

My favorite line in the song is “You can’t miss what you forget” – How true, better to forget sometimes, and even best to hold onto the positive memories, those that can improve us for the better, moving forward, and let the rest fade away into the useless past.  This song so reminds me of one of my favorite movies (with the same exact theme in mind):  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Lets just forget,
Everything we said
Everything we did.
Best friends, and better halves…

And the autumn night, when we realized
We were falling out of love...*

(In one night)
(there was something)

But we never did
Not to be, overly dramatic…

I just think its best
Because you cant miss what you forget

So lets just pretend
Everything and Anything,
between you and me
Was never meant**

Was Never Meant


BONUS – Here is another version of the same song recorded as OWEN by the same singer, it’s amazing as well in my opinion, but in a different way…it has a sparse fragile beauty to it; but I’m more fond of the original version:


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