Book Review: The Long Walk

The Long Walk
The Long Walk by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredibly good. Suspenseful and satisfying to the emotions, but also deeply philosophical, addressing the value of life, the goals we set, the things we aim for and how far we go (or would hypothetically) to reach them.

I found the characters and their actions (words and deeds) to be utterly believable, in many cases going beyond the realism in both thought and action vs. so many other books/authors. It was a refreshing change in pace to the somewhat one-dimensional characters in so many other works of fiction.

Even though I knew from the starting premise how the story would (roughly) end, I found myself desperate for a different resolution; found myself truly caring about some of these weary souls, hoping for some way that these foolish humans could escape their inevitable fate. It was a dark book and sometimes painful to experience this ordeal with the characters and so every moment of levity, a joke, a conversation, a fond memory about a girl, etc…however minor it would be contained in other stories, becomes a symphonic expression of joy and peace when it occurs even once with these characters. Bonds are made, only with the morbid realization that they all must be broken in the end….it’s poignant in my opinion because we come to realize right along with these walkers (as they risk everything) that we often only value the most important aspects of our existence (life, friends, good memories) when it’s all under threat of being taken away from us with each step by forces outside of our control.

A powerful book. The sort of book that if you’re honest with the themes it addresses, makes you think far more deeply about your own life and the road you may be walking on yourself.

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