MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. Armistice by Patrick Wolf

Artist:  Patrick Wolf
Song:  Armistice from the album Lupercalia

a temporary cessation of hostilities, by agreement between the belligerents, prior to the negotiation or signing of a peace treaty.


What is love’s greatest strength if it’s not to reconcile the hearts of those involved in it?  A person can rule by force, or by love and which is the greater?  Which method gives the deeper and most enduring victory?

There are so many ‘love songs’ in the world, and most of then (to me) don’t compare to the simple sincerity in this song.

It’s the nature of the beast that man must express himself about the things (including the feelings) most closest to him, most important, most sincere and when it comes to the realm of emotion, love wins out (slightly over hatred.)

Why? In my opinion because love itself is composed of the widest mix of (often confusing) values, yet it seeks a level of consistency in a person’s life unheard of, in mind and heart, and ultimately a way to sync those ideals to the body(s).  To live with someone in such a capacity is to become that person (as much as two people can be the same); to seek to align your values with another person so intimately, all of the most important things that define you, values, dreams, strengths, weaknesses…everything you possess, in mind heart and body.  Hatred by contrast doesn’t build anything, it tears down your values, it diminishes the character of such a person, and so it seeks to steal any values (whatever those may be) from others as well so it can sustain it’s self destructive behavior, but it’s ultimately fated to lose this battle.  Love properly lived leads to life.  Hatred with the same consistency, leads to death.

For me this song is a beautiful expression of love, surrounded by “everything else”; the simple expression of desire to be close to someone and a willingness to admit (and accept equally) weakness in another person.  I interpret the lines of “outside the city, children brandish; sharp their knives” as a bold contrast between the true love in question and the supposed innocence outside (aka children out in the city), which in comparison to the love between these two people is pathetic….even opposite. (children with knives), can you imagine a greater image/metaphor to capture the corruption of innocence/purity?

As close as you get to that person we love, “we kiss goodnight”, and still find that we can’t get close enough. “…waiting to come closer, closer to where we belong” – You rely on the strength of someone else when you are at your weakest, and you give that strength back in return when they are weak.  If that isn’t love, if it can’t survive through the hard times as much as the easy times, then why bother?  If you have to give yourself to someone, so entirely, so recklessly, be sure it’s to someone worthy of such a commitment; such a victory, but most of all, such a sacrifice.


[Coat of black, coat of black]
[Weary waiting, weary waiting]

I turn out the light,
We kiss goodnight.
And weary waiting,
Weary waiting to come closer,
Closer to where we belong.

Outside, the city children brandish,
Sharp, their knives – sharpen knives,
And come closer,
Closer to where we belong.

If you’ll be weak,
Then I’ll be strong.
When the night is long.

Trust all the years you’ll wait to find,
This man, who’s loved you your whole life,
So come closer,
Closer to where we belong.

Just close your eyes,
Let those foxes fight.
The children of this city sharp their knives [come closer],
Closer to where we belong.

And if I be weak,
Won’t you be strong?
When the night is long.

If I’ll be weak,
Chomreedhoo, chomreedhoo*.
When the night is long.

Close your eyes,
Let the foxes fight.
Close your eyes,
Come closer to where we belong.

Where we belong,
When the night is long.
When the night is long.



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