MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. Sol Solis by Moving Mountains

Track: Sol Solis

Artist:  Moving Mountains from the album Pneuma

On an album I consider to be easily in the top 4 or 5 of the greatest post-rock albums ever made (in a genre of music so overwhelmed by mediocrity now-a-days), there sits this GEM of an acoustic number, it’s an intimate portray of a simple artistic expression of love, commonly employed, almost at the risk of being derivative; but with such sincere humility, even naive sincerity it clutches at the heart powerfully…this song uses the metaphor of the sun and the earth, contrasting and merging two people in love, or more accurately having been in love at one time…seeking to entwine them together in a sort of metaphysical union to a degree that only nature can hope to equal.

The song is very rarely performed live from what I’ve read and it’s said because it’s too personal for the singer, almost too private…for me, it’s a shame it’s not played on the radio every day in every city on every station in my opinion…but that’s the sad status of most of the songs I love and review here…that being said I can thankfully say that quality art exists despite any appeal to authority, or to the masses.

For me this song is beautiful, not only for the beautiful natural imagery it invokes in the mind of the listener; how strongly it marries this love with the world, the sun, the earth, etc…but also for what it implies without making explicit. That is, a feeling many of us are all too familiar with…how can this love, so real, so valid…be denied? it’s an affront against reality isn’t it? he sings “take your hand away from your face, so I can see everything you are, everything you used to be”, call it stubborn frustration on part of the singer to deny that the person in front of him is not what he once knew, or hasn’t changed in some fundamental way…but damn it, what is the use of blocking the sun, of denying the light in front of you, or the earth you exist on…what is the use of denying existence itself…how absurd, right? and for the singer, this love is more then a convention of words and the norms of a “relationship”, more than a conceptual arrangement of like minds, but a real physical truth, as evident and indisputable as the most important objects of his senses…likened to the most essential things the world itself has to offer human life on the purely physical world…sunlight, warmth, earth…reality.

Why can’t she see that?

When the mournful horns start in at after the line “I hope someday your love finds it’s way home” at the 3:24 mark, it’s so poignant to me…it’s as if the words just spoken at that moment realize the futility of their existence, unlike the earth and the sun; that no matter how much we ground the love and memory of someone into that which critically exists for all of us (ex: the sun, the earth), romantic love unfortunately exists exclusively in the domain of human life itself and our interaction with others and the sun and earth and all these concrete physical things we love to use as metaphor and poetry to express our feelings are ultimately damned for what good they do us in times of crises concerning the human heart. If it’s possible for love to exist in the heart of one and not the other in a union, if it’s possible for a person to decide “they don’t have it ANYMORE”, then it’s equally valid to speculate that perhaps they never had it at all…and as the song ultimately expresses as I interpret it: no amount of desire will change the outcome of a rising and falling sun and it’s effect on the earth that depends on it to flourish and grow.  Just as the seasons must pass by, this love had its time; its chance to warm the “earth”, it was a beautiful day surely, a profound renunciation of a cold and lonely spirit against the darkest night…but it’s a simple fact that winter must always arrive when the sun finally “dies”.*

…but just as certain; just as promising…if that now lonely soul can manage not to freeze to death from this unwelcome winter, the sun is right around the corner.


Take your hands away from your face
so i can see everything you are
and everything you used to be
you used to be to me
something you don’t wanna be, i know.

you, you’re like the sun
and i am earth
together we’re one
but someday
your fire will die
and I’ll grow cold
without sunlight.
and I will freeze, baby
I will die, I’d freeze, I’d die for you.

things, they always die
just give it time.
but we, someday we’ll see
our love will shine,
our love will shine.

your love won’t fade, darling.
lover, I cannot do this alone
things like this are better off untold
someday the sun will die and I’ll grow cold*
I hope someday your love finds it’s way home.

(cause you are the sun and i am the earth)


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