MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. The Low by Accents

Song: the low

Artist:  Accents

Listen here:  THE LOW

I recently discovered this song/album and I think it’s such a great song.  Elegantly composed and written, both lyrically and musically, for me it’s a testament to a simplistic structure in melody and rhythm and musicians only playing what is minimally necessary to get an incredibly powerful emotion (and message) across.  The drummers mild increases in cymbal swells as the song climaxes at the end, then cascade back down into his simple drum beat is meticulously drawn out, not overbearing and the vocal swelling along with the guitar is so beautiful.  The last minute of the song is an incredible payoff for such a humble and straight forward song, yet it remains elegant and understated.  Beautifully so.

I interpret this song to be about a fundamental change in a person, mostly the person singing, the sort of change that transforms a person’s outlook on life, and therefore forces a change in the lives of everyone around them, and then the futility of trying to make everything else work out the same despite this. (the inverse could also be true as well, that is; a person refusing to change. but the former seems more accurate)  In short, it doesn’t work out, but the song isn’t even about the final results of this dramatic change (or refusal to change), it’s just about the attempt and the realization (at the end) that love comes around again, that the sadness isn’t all there is…this breakup, this broken relationship, this heartache….with your feet on the ground, you can find the “the low” again.

The last part for me screams:  Get your heads out of the clouds, back to what you pretended you had, or what you wanted.  Put your feet on the ground and see what your missing right now in front of you.  Find it again.  Maybe for the very first time.



I fell behind within a version of myself
I drew a map so you would know where to go
Like waves ashore I tried to drown out the sound
Of all the voices spilling,

“You should’ve known” (x3)

It sounded like a lake was forming in me
So I built a raft for you to navigate around
Uncharted land is such an opportunity
Like when your voice starts singing

“Don’t let me down” (x3)

That was not the changed man I want to be
If you swim your way to me and lay your body down in my hands
I’ll show you who I am, you’ll be in all my plans
I’ll have a lot to say if not too late
Because every time I try to make a better life and focus on the good, I start to weep
Once my head allows, I’ll put both feet on the ground

with you…

I see the low again
I let your love come in
I see the low again
I am the low again


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