MUSIC TRACK REVIEW – Songs I love, and why. Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000 by Soap&Skin


Band: Soap&Skin

Song: Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000 from the album ‘Lovetune for vacuum’

Album Lovetune For Vacuum by Soap & Skin featuring Mr. Guant Pt 1000

Album Lovetune For Vacuum by Soap & Skin featuring Mr. Guant Pt 1000

The odd-ball song title aside, I seriously question the humanity of anyone who listens to this song and fails to be touched by its beauty.  Its beauty is the humble acquiescence, the fragile acceptance that you don’t know everything, and in truth, probably very little that there is to know.  The most literal sense of the lyrics below could easily be asserted as an atheist position toward the existence of God…and this is clearly implied in the song, but to stop there and fail to interpret it a bit deeper, misses sooo much. This song is not a positive claim of any such thing, it is rather an expression of what is not known; of simple honesty.  It also applies to every single one of us that lives now, and that has ever lived, (and likely that ever will) on this earth.

Let’s face it, this world is one where we fall in love with so many things (and just as easily out of love), and it’s natural to attribute destiny to our otherwise repetitious, mundane lives.  Destiny is a promise of implicit order in the world, however mysterious the details may be.  To hold that something providential is happening gives real weight to our lives, but it carries a very high price, and it’s the widespread and radically different and varied religion and philosophies of our world. This point hardly proves them all wrong, any more then it proves which ones cling to Truth, but it is an interesting state of mind and heart to be stricken with enough humility for even a few seconds to be honest enough to admit, that “you just don’t know”, how liberating this truly is.  It is then, and only then that we can justify ‘with integrity and sincerity’ what we believe, and then try to honestly figure out why we believe it.

I have no doubt that this is a charming world full of people who believe so many varied things, including so many amazing things that I have never even considered, or in fact hasn’t even been a blip on my radar, and when I say I, I surely mean everyone without exception.  Yet, it’s a world that can equally be a place of true despair, either natural in its complete indifference to our plight, or forced upon us by the blackest of hearts among us…but at the end of the day, if we should survive and hold our heads up we can reflect upon what we know, which is something no other species on earth can do…we see that we know with certainty is exactly and succinctly sang about in this song; “it’s just a sky.”  The singer here accepts that she lacks absolute knowledge to the contrary and is brave enough to admit it, concluding that “I don’t know where, where I go”.

There is a profound sense of loss here with such an admittance, but the flip side of this is the realization that she will never be satisfied until the object of such desire is attained, and that thankfully she hasn’t been blinded by dogma.  Is it truly hopeless as a first impression might seem, or is there an object of her senses out there in the world somewhere that can absolve her of this “lack of faith”?  How is it that she can earn the right to “fall in love with the world” and not feel cheated that it’s [only] “just a sky”?  Why is this feeling even there?

We all struggle in our lives to be successful, to prosper and IF we have the common sense and the heart to remember that we could not have survived on our own…we share that prosperity with those we care about. We all have this deep longing to understand, to make sense of it all, to justify our actions and the actions of others.  By what standard? Don’t let this question slip by easily. We dare not say it’s subjective because we know some things are wrong, we just know they are and we undermine the validity of the (“subjective”) objection itself if we deny it.  If we are honest about it, we admit we have a deep sense of moral rightness (EX: any sane person would agree that torturing a baby is evil), that that all the subjective moralists or post-modern (self-defeating) gobbledygook philosophy can’t take away from each of us these simple facts.

We humans have a mind that is wholly unique in its capability to reason, reflect, judge and process information, a mind of incredible consciousness that can turn itself inward to introspect the meaning of our actions and thoughts as quickly as it turns outward to socialize and interpret the physical data coming in through our senses, and I believe it’s in that capacity to reflect on that division, somewhere between science, which has proven to be a powerful methodology to master the physical world’s what we sense, and between philosophy and religion, which has proven to be powerful systems to master the mind and heart’s what we feel, that we shall find it. Despite all the introspection and analysis, we turn our heads upward and then ‘experience’ (free from science, religion and philosophy) “just the sky”.

Perhaps the object of this deeply human craving truly does await us, even though now being wholly separate from the errors of senseless mind, and the deceptions of mindless sense? Someday to be that final bridge that can span that awful chasm of deep longing in our souls, and connect us all gloriously and completely to such light; to profound clarity; no longer blinded, deluded or partially understood.  No longer viewing the world through a mirror darkly.

If such reconciliation of love and knowledge is possible and is the fate of mankind’s unique existence, then I know “where I go” will be as clear as the sky itself, because mark my words, if anyone goes, we’ll all be going there together.

Soap&Skin – Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000 Lyrics:

I fell in love with you world
but I know, I know it’s just a sky
I don’t know where, where I go


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