Business OR Virtue? No, they must be one and the same.


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Principles Matter Most

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Business OR Virtue?

Are you grounding your business with a principled approach? Don’t roll your eyes…is this even a consideration for you in the race to acquire more and more $$$$? Does the well-being of those that depend on your leadership and your example to prosper really matter to you? (By ‘really’, I mean beyond what it profits you financially?) Does providing a quality product or service that gives a fair and reasonable chance of giving them success make you happy for more reasons than your commissions, residuals or increased advertising? Have you cultivated enough compassion in your heart for others by learning to truly appreciate and value what those relationships can give to you in intangible commodities, in the essence of a smile, a handshake, a hug, or even tears?

If your answer to any of the above questions is NO, then you are losing far more than money and you are failing. You are losing something more important and more vital to your own growth than the amount of dollars you can pile up in a bank account, you are losing what it means to be human.  This is more than a matter of business ethics, it’s a matter of your own virtue, how that affects your relationships and your life overall.

You see, Milton was really on to something profound when he wrote that “No man is an island” and the same is true in business as it is with any relationship. This doesn’t mean everyone you associate yourself with, or interact with should be afforded the same honored position of a close friend or family member in your life (that’s impossible), but it does mean that everyone who shows that they are serious, that they have some degree of integrity and motivation and sincerity should be granted the same POTENTIAL to be in the lofty positions in your life. EVERYONE.

Will everyone that you come across in your business make it? Of course not…and we can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Is that mean-spirited and contradictory?…NO! We simply can’t be a friend or even a close acquaintance of everyone. (Even the most altruistic among us accepts this or perishes) – This is true for two reasons:

1.) Before a person can reach out more and more with compassion, that person must focus real effort on oneself first…they must develop the habits that make them successful and often-times get dragged in the mud of life a few times (alone!) in the process, and by success I don’t mean merely financial success, I don’t mean merely success in a business, I’m talking much deeper here. Ask yourself: If you removed all money and all business and all work from your life, (and still could survive) what would you really have left? Would you stand up and say you were proud of what remained, or would you slink to the nearest shadow to conceal yourself?

2.) Real growth and success requires some sacrifice (including some failure) and sometimes that comes in the form of taking time away from the things you enjoy most or even people you love, but always with understanding that you have the correct spirit and motivation for doing so… it requires patience and dedication to uphold a higher standard; one that you’ve set for yourself, one that you aren’t about to relinquish for anything. I’ve come to understand on a deeper level that I want to grow my business and adopt the most valuable traits in myself that promote it, not for the potential only of being filthy stinking rich (I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?) but rather, because I know these things will empower me to accomplish what I truly want and need: more free time to be with the people I love (my wife, daughter, mom, family & friends) and to improve their quality of life in the process; and simply having more time OVERALL to experience things that matter more in the end. Having more money generally means having more time to ENJOY THIS LIFE, not merely SURVIVE through it.

Are you working for your own dream OR for someone else’s dream?

If you believe it doesn’t matter which, just ask yourself:  Am I empowering my own principles and enriching my own life in what I do, or am I just paying some bills and wasting time whenever possible and only LIVING on the weekends/time-off? I’ve spend many years of my life doing the latter, but my mindset has changed and I’m working toward more independence in my life now! More posts to come as I continue to share my epic journey to greater success in LIVING, thanks as always for reading my posts! I hope this has given someone out there something to think about, as it’s something I think about quite OFTEN.


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