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You must be truly bored in your own life to be spending any of it reading this page.   🙂

Well, as a matter of thanks for taking the time, I will try to entertain you a bit, at least at the start:

This is me, more or less

Picture of me

This is not me, although I wish it was, at least for a few seconds

a bunny with a pancake on it's head!

I AM, in no particular order (or accomplishment for that matter):

The Ex-Drummer for THOSE, and the drummer in another band (ancient, yet as-of-yet confirmed to be actually and finally named, well…it’s a long story….), also, I’m a composer of electronic/orchestrated music (with little to show from that just yet), a professional computer Geek (technician), a video game enthusiast, and an arm-chair philosopher. (well more of a coffee-house or internet-forum philosopher, but you catch my drift.)

Sadly there is only so much you can explain of yourself in a couple sentences, so…


I’ve decided to venture out to something that goes beyond a Facebook and that sort of social quips and commentary feel.  Something that delves deeper into myself.  This isn’t a vain attempt at satisfying my ego, but rather an acceptance that one day (and I’m sorry to get morbid so early in this blog) I will be dead.  Look, it’s no big surprise to me, and denying the fact is pointless, and while it feels warmer to deny/ignore that, it also tends to blind a person to the reality of what IS COMING and the good things in life that are in front of us right now, parts of life to be cherished and appreciated that much more because I can and am aware of my mortality, I can appreciate my experiences and even trials and tribulations at a deeper level, knowing acutely its lack of permanence.  Also, my blog writing abilities will be greatly compromised when I’m gone, so I figure I will document as much as myself and my life experiences, my loves and hates in this world, and as often as I can tolerate to do so while I still can, which is probably considerably more than anyone else can tolerate, but we’ll just have to see!

But why you ask? Well, one major motivation is that I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction books lately (I hit them in spurts between all the fiction I read), books by minds greater than my own, books about philosophy, religion, science mostly, many of which I readily grasp and some of which I can only grasp in fragments/parts, and one particular theme keeps popping up in much of my reading, and that is of personal identification, self-hood.  What does it mean to be ME, an “I” as opposed to a YOU, THEM, etc…if there is one common experience in life, one common theme that all of us in this world desire, stated or not, it’s to be recognized here and now, and at the very least REMEMBERED.  I find the second to be entirely more important myself even if the former is usually given greater import, and that’s the primary motivation for my serious venture into this world of self-revelation, exploration and documentation.

I see a commonality in all of the great writings, a thread of singular purpose and ambition from individuals who couldn’t appear to be more individual from one another.  From all sorts of world views, Christian to Atheist, from monotheist to polytheist, from logician to eastern philosopher…I see the need to teach, learn, express or at the very base level, a need to be HEARD.  Some people find their own beliefs strengthened (at least minimally in a self-referential fashion, a reinforcement/confirmation perhaps) by argument/debate, and others by a quite contemplation and the simple sharing of things, and I find advantages in both forms of communication.  In fact I welcome both in my own life, even argument as long as balance and fairness is weighed carefully on both sides of a debate.  If a person is firmly decided on an issue to the point of absolution, what’s the use of argument?  An argument must have at least a slight chance of producing change in both involved or it’s an exercise in futility and I won’t be a part of that.  Too little time in this world to spend it screaming at a wall or pretending I have ALL the answers etched on my own.  And if I did, what exactly is FAITH good for?

Most of my posts will be my own opinions, life experiences, beliefs, amusements, thoughts/reviews on various things, mostly artistic or deeper philosophical sorts of subjects because that it how my mind/heart is constructed and that’s how it’s all  going to be colored, and how could it be any other way if I were to be true to myself and to all of you who would take the time to read all of this? (even if it’s not read by some of you until the distant future.)

For those of you who choose to follow my blog, (all 2 of you, J/K) I truly thank you!  I am serious about making this a real part of my life, if not no other reason than to leave something of myself a bit more substantial behind than faded memories for those of you who might give a fanciful damn…and for those of you who wouldn’t really care, well your probably not reading all of this anyways, I’m sure your interest waned away just after the bunny picture…

– Brett


4 responses to “About Me

  1. hey brett..i am looking forward to reading your blog and keeping up with you as you learn and express your thoughts/feelings about life, faith, love, etc. not only because i married your father, but because i, too, love to read and discuss any and all issues of life. that includes issues of death. i have come to realize that the only thing i DO know is that God is good. period. everything else is up for grabs. ha congratulations on taking this step of putting yourself ‘out there’. i see it as a very brave undertaking. by the way, i love c.s.lewis’ “a severe mercy”, also about his love/relationship with his wife. i gave it as a gift to my son, luke, years ago. if you have not read it yet, you will enjoy it very much, i’m sure. take care. i look forward to reading this book. annie.

  2. hi there brother in the faith, and pancake head! just wanted to give you the actual date that our brother ray passed away. manuela told me that it was @ 11:50pm on may 23rd. read your funeral memorial to ray and just wanted to update you on that date. really enjoyed reading it, and the other stuff on your blog. talk at ya later.


    • Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate knowing any details you have. I truly regret never having met Ray in person, I was sincerely planning on coming to a conference with my brother “later” (probably the next) and now I cannot…and well…it’s just really sad…sigh….but I’m very happy that he is in no more pain!! I’m also glad you enjoy my blog and thanks for your kind words!

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