Video Games – our very human desire for escapism


2011-09-19-01-19-46.jpg Video Games – our very human desire for escapism


I love video games. Ever since playing DUCK HUNT on the (NES) Nintendo 8-bit, I’ve been sold on them with a vengeance. Despite still enjoying them now, as I’ve gotten older I’m starting to see video games with a new perspective. If video games have proven anything to so many people it’s that the fantasy of new experiences trumps reality. Experience demands freedom, and this is a powerful thing, and what a varied and crazy mix of experiences offered in a video game (ones of sufficient decent depth.)

Anyone who knows me, knows I grew up as an avid gamer, and truth games that offer compelling and immersive stories (or huge worlds) compel me the most. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this won’t be a specific video game review, but perhaps something a bit deeper, so stick with it! As of late I’ve been trying to focus more on increasing my experience points and level with a very important game; the game of EXISTING, I’m giving more credence every day on the idea that REALITY actually trumps FANTASY…but I’ll admit it’s been a hard sell, because the sort of freedom found in so many games is intoxicating; not only the freedom of action, skill and movement, but most intriguing, the freedom from consequence. Most of all, these open-world design games grant us the ability to be totally reckless (even “evil” for a time) – Stealing from and killing people, committing all manner of crimes (think: Watchdogs, Grand Theft Auto, etc.), and we don’t think twice about doing it in these games…well, many of us don’t. (I usually have somewhat of a moral qualm, even though I’ll suppress it often to “experience” what happens next.)

The truth is, if we dig deeper into these video games and their characters, we realize that there is no way (most of us) would choose be those characters at all, even if we were somehow afforded divine power and could make it happen. It’s a fun thought on the surface as we sit there holding a controller, but most people would shy away (and many run away screaming) from so many of the events that occur in games like Watchdogs, Halo, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto and so many others. We wouldn’t be the heroes featured and controlled on the screen; we would more likely be the innocent passerby being gunned down or ran over by some crazed sociopath collecting “points” or “credits”.

Video Games – our very human desire for escapism

As humans, we are overwhelmingly attracted to what we don’t already have. We want to escape from the common things and try something else…even people who profess to have everything they need, still want something. This is true even in the short term…If it’s too hot, we want it cold. If it’s too cold, we want it hot. If it’s perfectly temperate, we’d like to drink something hot or cold…so these feelings of satisfaction are ALWAYS temporal, and this appears to be ingrained into us. Guilty as charged!

In my own life, being older now, at 37, I’ve come to realize that it’s new experience most people lack in life that leaves discontentment and a longing in the heart; the experience of meeting new people, the experience of going to new places (this is a huge one), and these all creates a deep emptiness in us, demanding to be filled. Some video games fill this void in a very artificial way (for a brief time), but they can’t give a person the long term satisfaction that a life; one better LIVED with REAL EXPERIENCE can provide.

I want to encourage you to start doing exactly this. Find more time to do the things you love, and when possible with the people you care about (yes, even if that’s playing video games), but above all, mix it up and experience new things, force yourself out of habits and patterns of a “typical day”, because we all have a temporary amount of time in this world, and we should make the most of it.

For me, I do this with the dream of granting myself more time to cherish my life by broadening my experience and skills. To grow where otherwise I would stagnate. One way to do this for many of us is to contribute in what small way we can toward others and THEIR experience…always remembering that we have the potential to leave a legacy behind for those we love when it’s time to check out…

Do you also want more time to do the things that matter to you “out there” IN REALITY, or are you content mostly living mostly in fantasies created by other minds? Do you live your life doing the things you hate while only dreaming of what you love? Share your thoughts below.


Business OR Virtue? No, they must be one and the same.


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Principles Matter Most

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Business OR Virtue?

Are you grounding your business with a principled approach? Don’t roll your eyes…is this even a consideration for you in the race to acquire more and more $$$$? Does the well-being of those that depend on your leadership and your example to prosper really matter to you? (By ‘really’, I mean beyond what it profits you financially?) Does providing a quality product or service that gives a fair and reasonable chance of giving them success make you happy for more reasons than your commissions, residuals or increased advertising? Have you cultivated enough compassion in your heart for others by learning to truly appreciate and value what those relationships can give to you in intangible commodities, in the essence of a smile, a handshake, a hug, or even tears?

If your answer to any of the above questions is NO, then you are losing far more than money and you are failing. You are losing something more important and more vital to your own growth than the amount of dollars you can pile up in a bank account, you are losing what it means to be human.  This is more than a matter of business ethics, it’s a matter of your own virtue, how that affects your relationships and your life overall.

You see, Milton was really on to something profound when he wrote that “No man is an island” and the same is true in business as it is with any relationship. This doesn’t mean everyone you associate yourself with, or interact with should be afforded the same honored position of a close friend or family member in your life (that’s impossible), but it does mean that everyone who shows that they are serious, that they have some degree of integrity and motivation and sincerity should be granted the same POTENTIAL to be in the lofty positions in your life. EVERYONE.

Will everyone that you come across in your business make it? Of course not…and we can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Is that mean-spirited and contradictory?…NO! We simply can’t be a friend or even a close acquaintance of everyone. (Even the most altruistic among us accepts this or perishes) – This is true for two reasons:

1.) Before a person can reach out more and more with compassion, that person must focus real effort on oneself first…they must develop the habits that make them successful and often-times get dragged in the mud of life a few times (alone!) in the process, and by success I don’t mean merely financial success, I don’t mean merely success in a business, I’m talking much deeper here. Ask yourself: If you removed all money and all business and all work from your life, (and still could survive) what would you really have left? Would you stand up and say you were proud of what remained, or would you slink to the nearest shadow to conceal yourself?

2.) Real growth and success requires some sacrifice (including some failure) and sometimes that comes in the form of taking time away from the things you enjoy most or even people you love, but always with understanding that you have the correct spirit and motivation for doing so… it requires patience and dedication to uphold a higher standard; one that you’ve set for yourself, one that you aren’t about to relinquish for anything. I’ve come to understand on a deeper level that I want to grow my business and adopt the most valuable traits in myself that promote it, not for the potential only of being filthy stinking rich (I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?) but rather, because I know these things will empower me to accomplish what I truly want and need: more free time to be with the people I love (my wife, daughter, mom, family & friends) and to improve their quality of life in the process; and simply having more time OVERALL to experience things that matter more in the end. Having more money generally means having more time to ENJOY THIS LIFE, not merely SURVIVE through it.

Are you working for your own dream OR for someone else’s dream?

If you believe it doesn’t matter which, just ask yourself:  Am I empowering my own principles and enriching my own life in what I do, or am I just paying some bills and wasting time whenever possible and only LIVING on the weekends/time-off? I’ve spend many years of my life doing the latter, but my mindset has changed and I’m working toward more independence in my life now! More posts to come as I continue to share my epic journey to greater success in LIVING, thanks as always for reading my posts! I hope this has given someone out there something to think about, as it’s something I think about quite OFTEN.

My stay at home Dad quest begins!

stay at home dad, working from home, working from home stress, working from home dad, work from home

stay at home dad, This isn’t me…I smile more.


Stay at home Dad quest. GO!

I work  a full time job at home already…

Don’t get me wrong, working at home has its major advantages…unfortunately it’s still not the same working for your own business (at home), which would afford a much greater degree of freedom then employment working for company A-Z. (true if you work at home or not) – My Stepdaughter (compliments of my lovely wife) will be arriving from the Philippines to live with me in America (Ohio) in about 1-2 months and I really want to start building a more secure life and future for her….ENTER: the need for more $$$, which translates to even more freedom.

After a grueling and long search throughout the years, I’ve just recently discovered an incredible new way to make money EVERY-SINGLE-DAY online which I believe will make my TRUE Stay at home dad / work at home Dad dream come true! Anyone who knows me, knows I am not prone to being ripped-off, or fooled by any internet/computer scam. Heck I could out-scam virtually any scammer out there (if I were so inclined by lacking the ethical backbone I have); believe me I’ve heard all the many MLM/pyramid/click-revenue schemes out there; and studied the systems they employ in-depth (why they don’t work, how they fool you, etc) and this one I’m talking about is proving to me that it’s totally LEGIT. The people behind this system are transparent about the whole process from start to finish;

Having money drop into your account on a daily basis tends to make you a firm believer that it’s working….and I clearly see this is the case of what’s happening for those who put a little time and effort into it. What’s more impressive to me about this marketing/online pay system where you work at home (as long as you have an internet connection), is that you invest NO $$ to get it going. When it is running and making you money, you don’t have to wait some 15-30-60 days and earn a certain amount to cash out, etc.., you get PAID every single day when the payments actually hit (straight to your bank acct via direct deposit OR Paypal, or for the few dinosaurs out there via CHECK if you insist…) – thankfully this stay at home Dad is a professional Geek, so super fast payment = no problem.

But who is paying? Fortune 500 companies pay you. They pay you for signing up people for simple trials (often free) so you aren’t selling directly for them, YOU are just sending a link out and the page/enrollment process the person lands on does the rest…walks them through it from point A-Z, you certainly won’t be paid by me, or the nice folks I signed up with for all of this knowledge; they merely provided me FREE video instructional step-by-step on HOW do get this Affiliate Marketing system rolling…How many times have you seen “make money” opportunities that want you to pay $19.99 or $49 or some lump amount up front? Think about it, if those systems were so successful and made the creators so wealthy, why do they need your paltry $49? Well that’s not the case with this one, so it’s truly unique in a sea of greedy grabbers and I’m grabbing at it!  You have to work, so work smart!

I figure these Fortune 500 companies have more than enough money, why not have a share a piece of the pie, and they get an easier promotion of their products? No selling/buying is needed, you are just ultimately sharing a link to as many people as you can, in as many places as you can, in as many WAYS as you can (avoiding being a spammer) AND ALL of this is taught by these nice people. (ex: how to get your link made/accredited, how to market this link and increase your leads dramatically, etc) all of this is done via the sign up video, supported by step-by-step videos found on their CLOSED members-only Facebook page (which has over 9,100 members as of this post, freely posting and sharing ideas, etc…it’s really nice. Again, I stress the F-word, no not that one, the other one: it’s ALL FREE)

The TRUE cost to be a stay at home dad (or a stay at home mom)

Some personal TIME and some mild EFFORT is needed (like any rewarding job…it’s not handed over to you in a silver platter). Thus far the work at home for me has consisted of mostly copy/pasting links to various accounts/sites, preparing small snippet ADS for posting, creating social media accounts/blogs (not websites, just accounts), finding reputable free classified-ads, etc…all stuff to build the foundation. This is the work I’m still doing at this point, but if I’m right about this, I’ve hit PAY-DIRT and I will be seeing greater results as time goes on. I plan on updating my success with this in later posts.

Stick with me and find out how deep this well goes! Stay at home Dad-hood here I come!

If you want to ride the same wave with me, here’s your surfboard:

I started a Squidoo page about: Atheism, Agnosticism and the rationality (or not) of maintaining a belief in God.

Atheism, Agnosticism and belief in God

For some arguments/articles I’ve written, with the primary focus being on the theme of the rationality (or ‘lack’ from my perspective) of Atheism and it’s modern variant (New Atheist) claims of intellectual superiority, please see my Squidoo page here:

Marriage and my Vows, and what it means to me.

wedding vows
Marriage and my Vows

From John Lennox’s book, ‘God’s Undertaker – Has science buried God?’ – p. 40,41
“Let us imagine that my Aunt Matilda had baked a beautiful cake and we take it along to be analyzed by a group of the world’s top scientists. I, as master of ceremonies, ask them for an explanation of the cake and they go to work. The nutrition scientists will tell us about the number of calories in the cake an its nutritional effect; the biochemists will inform us about the structure of the proteins, fats etc. in the cake; the chemists, about the elements involved and their bonding; the physicists will be able to analyze the cake in terms of fundamental particles; and the mathematicians will no doubt offer us a set of elegant equations to describe the behavior of those particles.

Now that these experts, each in terms of his or her scientific discipline have given us an exhaustive description of the cake, can we say that the cake is completely explained? We have certainly been given a description of how the cake was made and how its various constituent elements relate to each other, but suppose I now ask the assembled group of experts a final question: Why was the cake made? The grin on Aunt Matilda’s face shows she knows the answer, for she made the cake, and she made it for a purpose. But all the nutrition scientists, biochemists, chemists, physicists and mathematicians in the world will not be able to answer the question – and it is no insult to their disciplines to state their incapacity to answer it. Their disciplines, which can cope with questions about the nature and structure of the cake, that is, answering the ‘how’ questions, cannot answer the ‘why’ questions connected with the purpose for which the cake was made. In fact, the only way we shall ever get an answer is if Aunt Matilda reveals it to us. But if she does not disclose the answer to us, the plain fact is that no amount of scientific analysis will enlighten us.”


If there is anything worth learning, it’s that we DO NOT know everything, and no single system of understanding will EVER give us such knowledge. The above example stuck to my mind as I was about to be married, not only as a powerful refutation to the validity of scientism (” the dogmatic endorsement of scientific methodology and the reduction of all knowledge to only that which is measurable”), but I was imagining someone attempting to give such a comprehensive explanation of my love and commitment, laying it all out…in the hopes of removing any spirituality behind it, just trying to make it all physics and biology…just imagine this: A man in a nice suit shows up, a very well educated person who just ran all of the correct tests on the subject, and he’s going to break it all down for me and explain every physical molecule and how they moved and interacted to make this all possible, and the thought made me want to laugh. How much more mysterious, complex and glorious is this human life, and so much more then what we give it credit.

Marichu and I was married on October 5th and we are now a happier couple. Personal Vows were exchanged. Shiny gold rings now adorn us, and I kissed my lovely bride with a mild tipping motion which officially sealed it.

I think about what this all means, these VOWS we give during a wedding in particular…and the first thing that seems obvious about any marriage, (regardless of it’s actual love-content) is that a person gets to have less taxes taken out of their paycheck, as the law recognizes me as a married man (cool, I guess, but not motivating at all to me as a REASON to marry)…beyond the legal ramifications involved in no longer being ‘single’ according to the law, what does this union of two lives really mean? In particular, Why do we humans take the time to give vows at all? Certainly these deep assurances being spoken are already understood at some point during the relationship, in order for it to be agreed that we should be standing there in the first place, getting married, and words can hardly be considered the most reliable and sincere vehicle of human intention (as the saying goes: “put your money where your mouth is”), and not all (I’d guess very few) people cling to HONESTY as an actual’s something you “try” to live up to, sure…because like the golden rule, “you treat others as you would have them treat you back”, (but only when the risk is low enough) …certainly for most HONESTLY is not something so important you’d do virtually anything to avoid damaging it, but yet here we are, getting married and speaking the most meaningful words we can bring forth in our life that we have ever spoken (and getting very emotional over them), to that one special person that completes us. We make bold promises about our future, hoping against all odds that our ability to be honest IS seriously valued by our special someone as something more than a pragmatic “best attempt”.

Most people highly regard the sincerity and integrity in others (even those that lack it them-self), and they do so regardless if such things are weighed against any divine judgment that can later make amends of any falsehoods, or by weighing it more tenuously against the opinions of men/women they respect; but there is something about words so wrought (in VOWS) that brings about a very profound trust that as human beings, we can rise above the base animal-physical-mammalian level of merely existing, procreating, evolving, exploiting for gain, etc.. so much so that perhaps even the most adamant materialist among us can for a moment experience something akin to the non-physical (God), something transcending the “random unguided/undirected process of life” that is so blindly (pun-intended) championed by such a purely humanistic person. As humans we enjoy much phenomena that exists beyond mere physicality, these experiences and choices that MAKE us distinctly human are not something any other creature can partake in. Human choices and relationships not driven by a blind mechanical process, but rather a designed, intelligent, intentional one. What OUGHT TO BE (vs. what IS) is not easily decided by those that would demand and insist to measure it with their already intelligently-designed instruments before coming to terms with the answer.

Any methodological human system (science, philosophy, religion, etc) that is divorced from the entire scope of humanity and it’s experiences (and ALL that it includes, EX: that data which falls outside of it’s purview), will never be able to prove or explain my love and my conviction to Marichu on our wedding day, of how much she matters to me, of what this commitment we are making means; forever these things are powerfully subjectively mine and uniquely human. Because I have come to accept there is something higher, something more perfect, something of which my perfection tries to mimic and clearly never WILL match (at least in this life) as a standard for myself, this will motivate me and inspire me to continue to improve myself for her, and for us. Our willingness to make such vows during a ceremony and subject it to the criticisms and evaluation of others, all while existing in a less than stellar level of perfection than the ideals we hope to achieve, acts as a promise to one another (in the most sincere way) that we believe it’s possible to exceed what it means to be human, and any limits the world or others would place upon us in the future; and I believe that level of excellence is worth fighting for.


Wedding Vows

these are vows I spoke to Marichu on Oct 5th, 2013, they are what I’m fighting for, and always will:
“How do I express the depth of my heart for you with mere words, to speak so briefly and somehow do it justice? It’s just that I know how easy it is to merely say words of love and commitment, how little effort it takes a person to merely open their mouth and form words, but…

My love, if ever the strength of my words should be lacking, now or years from now; or if my ability to even speak someday be compromised, I vow that my heart would still beat just for you, and as strong as it does right now, standing here, in the witness of God and family, and friends, and I vow to you that it will never fail to find its most sincere expression, in some way, perhaps where words can be discarded as useless or irrelevant, because whether it be in light or darkness, in sunshine or rain; I vow that THIS love will always be for you, and you alone.

Even if the world should crumble around us, I vow that I will commit myself to keeping us both safe in the arms of God, always focused on our joy and passion, always aiming for greater sincerity and truth. My resolve to love you, protect you, keep you, and to cherish you every day of your life is beyond reproach. I vow with not only these words, but also with every deed of my life from this day forward, that I will stay true in my love to you, until my very last breath, and if God would see fit, if He would bless me so abundantly yet again, I will find you even when all the lights go out, to continue loving you beyond death, even beyond time itself.

I have been blessed to learn from a wisdom far, far greater than my own, a profound truth, and that truth is this: that, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails, and I vow that our love will never fail.

All of this and so much more I vow to you, my only love. Now, and forever. ”

I love you Marichu!

IMPORTANT: My wedding streaming LIVE on Ustream tomorrow (10/05) @ 5pm-EST, feel free to “attend” it ;-)

My wedding streaming LIVE on Ustream


Live streaming video by Ustream


// My wedding, streaming live October 5th @ 5pm

Marichu and I are being married in New Vienna, OH @ my sister’s lovely home (and garden) with reception to follow @ the same location.  Mostly my family will be gathered there for the event, but anyone is welcome to watch and be a witness to this very special day in our lives.

*EDIT: We are married for several months now at the time of this EDIT….some of the videos are still viewable via the link above 🙂

Brett and Marichu, in Ohio

Brett and Marichu, in Ohio

ME – Personality Analysis – Psychology – Being an INFP

Personality Analysis - Psychology - Being an INFP - graphic chart from
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ME – Personality Analysis – Psychology – being an INFP

My Personality is: (According to various online test, utilizing Carl Jung’s & Isabel Briggs-Myers system)

INFP  “The Dreamer” / “The Idealist”  (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) ex: ‘Jung Typology Test’ if you want to take it yourself (Free)

More about this process here


Despite my natural inclination to defy a rigid method that would aim to “box in” (anybody least of all myself) inside of a neat category of definitions. (similar to how I refuse to limit my understanding in what I might constitute as“art”), I can’t deny the uncanny accuracy that such a study has yielded about myself and others.  Although it has not yielded 100% accurate behavioral examples/traits from what I’ve studied, the conclusions are conclusive enough for me that it’s still very convincing. (There is quite a bit of flexibility concerning if you are “healthy” vs. “unhealthy” in your traits, environmental factors, etc…it’s not a hard science, but more so a soft science in how to determine “proofs”) and also has been overwhelmingly accurate for what I’ve seen applied to some family members who have taken the test as well, aka: my brother (Also INFP, but less introverted) and my mother (ISTJ).

This has all been a rather involved (and fascinating) study for me in the last few weeks, with many postings by me and others, inquiries into the data, etc… and long readings/comparisons about me and how others handle various things and I’m not 100% confident with it by any means, which may further validate that I may be an INFP; because one trait of the INFP’s personality is its sheer adaptability and willingness (almost subconsciously) to identify and relate with other TYPES so easily…we tend to blur distinctions that would be more readily apparent by other TYPES, and so it takes us longer to narrow down what we are actually  like “at the core.”

But there are many observations that can be made I believe, generally speaking:

Some signs that a person is probably an INFP:

1. Overly quiet and reserved.  (Note: not necessarily a social-reject, it just may mean: too much social interaction “wears us out”)
2. Emotional and “deep” in thoughts/interests.
3. Avoids conflict (usually through avoidance)
4. Internalizes anger (negative aspect: sometimes self-destructively), unless it’s a direct attack on their most cherished values/principles (or someone they love), then we can be rather explosive. (Otherwise tends to be more passive-aggressive in responding.)
5. Artistic/Fantasy-type interests and thoughts usually “re-energize” us, most of all after experiencing stress/conflict.  It’s how we rationalize/cope with reality being so dramatically up-rooted.
6. We tend to have an idealistic view of reality, “our should-be universe that exists in our head.”

This is how I understand the breakdown of I.N.F.P:

I. – Introverted dominates Extroverted:  Again not a socially detrimental fact to be Introverted necessarily (although it can often be the case). Introverts need to seek time to them-self and spend most social time with a smaller group of close friends vs. crowds/strangers, because that is how we “re-energize”, not socially among many other “less valuable” (to us) people.  This is how we gain peace of mind and recharge, as Jung puts it “The direction (I vs. E) points to the source of energy that feeds the dominant mental function. An Extrovert’s source of energy is mainly found in the outside world, whereas an Introvert’s source of energy is mainly found in his or her inner world.”

Another description on this Introspect mechanism I found online and agree strongly with: “Having a naturally high level of arousal which causes the individual to seek lower than normal levels of stimulation in order to not feel overwhelmed. Over a period of years, this need to not be overwhelmed by external stimulation develops into an internally focused thinking style which may seem withdrawn, meditative, quiet, or even reclusive to more extroverted person. Typical ways in which the introvert seeks to control the level of stimulation include: spending time reading, reflecting, or otherwise alone; avoiding or being accommodating to others; competing mostly with oneself or self-image; going to small parties or out of the way places.”

From what I’ve been able to determine, I’m 95% “Introverted”, which is a “Strong” preference.

N. – Intuition dominates Sensing:  According to Jung, S for Sensing and N – for intuition, represents the way in which an individual receives information. To people who fall into the Sensing category, information they receive through their senses directly is most important. People falling into the Intuition category mostly rely upon their conception about things, based on their perception of the world. 

From what I’ve been able to determine, I’m about 25% “Intuition”, which is a “moderate” preference.

F. – Feeling dominates Thinking: According to Jung, this refers to how an individual processes the information. Thinking means the individual is less affected by emotions and makes decisions based on an unbiased reasoning. Feeling means that the individual’s base for decisions is mainly feelings and emotions.  Note how “feelings” are made distinct from “emotions”, it’s a higher-level process in the brain, where cognition than can certainly involve base-emotions, but they get filtered through a deeper core system of “values, principles, ethics”, etc.

From what I’ve been able to determine, I’m about 25% “Feeling”, which is “moderate” preference.

P. – Perceiving dominates Judging: As described on another site “This fourth preference pair describes how you like to live your outer life–what are the behaviors others tend to see? Do you prefer a more structured and decided lifestyle (Judging) or a more flexible and adaptable lifestyle (Perceiving)? This preference may also be thought of as your orientation to the outer world.” And “Don’t confuse Judging and Perceiving with a person’s level of organization. Either preference can be organized.”

This entire page is worthwhile of a read:

From what I’ve been able to determine, this is my closest value to swinging opposite of the four, with only an 11%”Perceiving”, which is a “slight” preference.


Being an INFP – more examination

Snippets from various websites, I agree with the following as they do seem to apply to be EXACTLY:

“INFPs are open to listening first without processing it all right away.”

“INFPs are have very passionately held feelings about some things, but are less likely to have strong feelings immediately about whether something is good or bad.”  (Vs. INFJ’s in particular)

Regarding the behaviors of others: “INFPs are more likely to let them learn for themselves and not want to influence the process as much”

“INFPs have a goofier and very imaginative sense of humor.”

“INFPs are often less practical in every day matters and sometimes have a tendency to avoid dealing with problems.”

INFP’s focus on the “big picture” rather than the details.

INFPs tend to be very creative, artistic and spiritual. They are often skilled with language, but may prefer to express their thoughts and feelings through writing. Because they have strong ethics and values, they also become passionate about advocating or defending their beliefs. While they feel strongly about their own values, INFPs are also interested in learning more about others and are willing to listen and consider many sides of an issue.


Unfortunately it’s not all positive sun-beams being a INFP as any impartial self-analysis must reveal, and I think it’s really useful to have a guide of negative aspects/traits to be aware of, so personally you can grow/change them:

INFP’s can be (in various degrees) lazy and procrastinate.

We can be absent-minded/forgetful.

Clarity can be really crucial to us, and so a mis-representation of our character can be mortifying to an INFP, in fact we tend to take things too personal in a conflict (as an attack against our deepest values that we cherish) when in reality that’s simply rarely the case.

Our need to shut people out for a while, can be misinterpreted by others as lack of concern or thought.


A lot more to say here, but a lot more studying to do first. I’m really enjoying exploring the various personality types and how they correlate with one another too, I think there is a TON of insight to be gained by it.

I have to say, overall, I’m very happy that I’m an INFP!

I welcome feedback on your own thoughts about the various things I’ve posted about INFP’s, and good luck in your own soul searching for understanding!