Me and Music

As simply and clearly expressed as I can make it. Music is motion. (to me)

I feel that this momentum is comprised of mainly three forms:

These are:

Motion of the Body.
Motion of the Mind.
Motion of the Heart.

Think of it has a set of 3 triangles, each representing one of the movements, all formed into a GIANT triangle, applied to each song, each artist, each style, etc…
all of which are separated from one another by a hazy line, not a fixed sharply contrasted one, with plenty of overlapping, receding, swelling, just all sorts of swirling crazy lines crossing.

Sorta like this amazing and compelling piece of art I just whipped up 😛


I’ve found by studying my own music habits and those around me as well as taking an interest in people/cultures concerning music (even when I don’t have an interest in their music) that music can usually always be classified in one of those motions, and I confess that I’m not an expert on any of them, but what I do know is that of all 3 of them, I identify mostly (and by a significant degree) with the Motion of the Heart.

For me REAL music produces change and change without any motion is impossible. That’s not to say a “change of heart” because that is the motion I most identify with, but more simplistically a transformation of self (most of the times very slight, not even measurable, as not every change need be profound, although this is certainly the most impressive and awesome experiences that music can give a person, a sort of “religious experience”) but even the most basic of changes is the most worthy element of music to me, and I feel that it has the ability to accomplish things in a person’s life that words are sometimes unable to accomplish.

If the change is internal (EX: affirmations of one’s beliefs, invoker of strong memories, changer of one’s beliefs/mind) or if it’s external (EX: alters one’s mood, convicts one’s heart to move to accomplish something, alters one’s plans) then music is more than entertainment, it is in fact a force of nature, or a force of God, depending on how you wish to define it.  Perhaps like me you would treat some articles of music as a Force of nature, and another one as the other sort of force (God or at least some sort of spiritual experience), and no doubt some artists/songs would represent a force of EVIL in the world, lol, but one thing is for sure…the music we hold dearest to the heart was often the contributing factor in some sort of change, either as a catalyst of it, or more indirectly as an observer of such an event we experienced at the time, and the most profound we consider the music, the most profound often is the change.

I can’t speak for everyone elses experience in this, I can only really speak about my own understanding on this, but that’s the way I’ve experienced music, it’s been that ‘silent’ companion (pardon the seeming contradiction), often there when I needed it, and sometimes when I didn’t want it to be anywhere near me, but for better or worse it’s shared some of my strongest memories in a deeper fashion that anything else has.

For me the Motion of the Heart as always held dominance, the sort of music that moves me internally has always held the greater interest and emotional appeal vs. music that makes me want to move my body or dissect it intellectually.  I can appreciate a good strong beat (heck, I’m a drummer, I hope I can…) and I can appreciate the skill it takes to make complex music and it can be a fun experience breaking it down into simpler parts, but for me those aren’t as fulfilling and I confess I’m at a loss to people who identify much stronger with the other Motions besides the Motion of the Heart.  I simply can’t understand the motivation it takes to want to buy the latest Beyonce or Jay Z album, or Steve Vai the guitar virtuoso, over the simple musically in comparison soundtrack for ONCE, or the emotionally deep CD Mineral – Endserenading I reviewed in my Music Albums page here.  Sure, one’s taste in music is subjective and mood shifts with time and life’s experiences, but for me Music reflects LIFE which is objective (and contains themes of love, hope, fear, joy and all the things that are most primitively human) and for me Music gives us the most accurate possible expression we human’s can give (and receive) of the self-evident truths we all strive and struggle with everyday.  I can’t see the same level, the same scope of those things in the other Motions other than the Heart.  It’s not that they are not there, I’m simply not seeing it.  Perhaps I’m blind and I just can’t see it expressed in those movements.

I’m willing to admit that.

Check out my music albums section on the right column for my feelings on my favorite music and my attempt to explain why

I’ll be providing links to the actual audio when possible, as well as any relevant videos online, etc…check out my favorite music videos too (also on the right column)

It’s my goal to list the most vital (and current) pieces of music that I adore first and foremost, and over time this page will grow into an epic library of great music/artists.

I had first hoped to list a sort of TOP 50 or whatever albums in specific order of my fondness, but I realize the pointlessness of it, because any such list is sure to change with time, even sightly as particular moods and emotions, life experiences, etc..shape me. Regardless of a lack of specific ordering, these albums all have one thing in common:



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