Me and Albums

In the albums section are listed music albums that I love and an explanation of why.  Providing links to the actual audio when possible, as well as any relevant videos online, etc…

It’s my goal to list the most vital (and current) pieces of music that I adore first and foremost, and over time this page will grow into an epic library of great music/artists.  Please read my main MUSIC page for my own personal opinion on what constitutes “good” music and my deeper belief on the subject/art in a general sense.

I had first hoped to list a sort of TOP 50 or whatever albums in specific order of my fondness, but I realize the pointlessness of it, because any such list is sure to change with time, even sightly as particular moods and emotions, life experiences, etc..shape me. Regardless of a lack of specific ordering, these albums all have one thing in common:




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