Accepted philosophies

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Sometimes it’s easier to argue against a position, before making explicit a positive one.

Here are a couple of philosophical position that I DO accept.  (more in depth explanations will come later)


Agreed as it’s stated in the wiki article above: “Generally, objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject‘s individual feelings, imaginings, or interpretations.”
For me this seems common-sensible, and attempts to refute objectivity are self-defeating and circular (they refute their own statement).  Further criticisms can be raised that this is merely semantics in play vs. any reference to actual truth, and that’s a far better argument, but I still believe it can be argued that it fails common sense and logic to deny the existence of objectivity.

Objectivism  [Partially] as I reject it’s ‘closed physical universe’ metaphysical assumption)
Strengths:  As a Political and Epistemological theory, it is very strong; as a general Ethics theory, in its strong defiance to collectivism, it is strong.
Weakness: Objectivism’s Metaphysical position is fair to weak in my opinion. It’s ‘primacy of existence’ presupposes from the start a ‘closed physical universe’, which I reject, as this assumption must be asserted a priori (without any proof) and seeks to completely ignore the logical possibility of interaction “outside” by a divine agency. (‘open system’ metaphysics)


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